pipework, pipes, pipeworks malaysia, bends
pipework, pipes, pipeworks malaysia, bends

Process Flow

Spiral Mill Technology

Pipeworks Sdn Bhd, mild steel pipes, pipeworks, pipeworkSpiral pipe is formed by processing steel coil through state of the art milling and welding equipments. PIPEWORKS SDN. BHD. facility operates advanced technology that produces spiral pipe in a high speed process.

PW skill operator will adjust the Angle and desired O.D at the first stage. The coil is then brought into the machine by straightening and flattening. When it comes to the stage of Coil Jointing Station, the finish coil end will join weld with the new coil together as continual forming. There are multiple side guide rollers that align the strip width to assure that the coil strip carry out smoothly to the Pre-Bending and Forming station. Internal and External SAW welding takes place at the same time while the pipe is in the process of forming and both welding facilities are used of LINCOLN electric welding system. The welding heads remain in a stationary position requiring the pipe to be rotated and moved longitudinally. Any readjustment of the speed of pipe movement, depositing of flux and weld electrode, monitoring of amperage, voltage, and weld profile, is adjusted constantly by the operator to meet the pre-set targets. While during the process before cutting, our Quality Control personnel will perform random checking by monitoring the height of weld beam, seam weld alignment and O.D tolerance checking for our Quality Assurance/Quality Control report. The final stage of pipe cutting is carry out by the high speed PLASMA cutting machine that comes with sensor detect cutting length accordingly.

This Spiral Mill machine applies hydraulic control system to finish a series process starting with material convey, cutting, among which every features a high automation. Besides, this hydraulic control system also builds the Spiral Mill machine efficient in dealing with metal materials. To guarantee the quality of tubes, it can adjust the pressure on materials as per different materials, various thickness or tube diameters. Meanwhile, the hydraulic pump can help to save energy and keep the process stable, while the accumulator can reduce the impulse of hydraulic systems for a higher stability. Due to the pressure stabilizing system, this tube forming machine can stabilize and improve the quality of seam weld.

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